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(Unconfirmed) New Features APEX 5.1

Following the news feeds on the internet, tagged #orclapex, a series of slides presented at a UKOUG event came along that I think are worth to get summarized in a blog post and shared with the community. It's a list of (unconfirmed) new features we could find in APEX release 5.1.

Declarative ReFlow Table Reports in Theme 25

A while ago, at KScope 14 in New Orleans, I presented on Responsive Web Design with APEX Theme 25. One of the topics of my presentation was the lack of responsiveness of standard reports in Oracle Application Express.

Pure CSS3 Org-Tree with APEX Lists

I found this little CSS3 snippet gem on nested HTML unordered lists styled as a hierarchical tree structure just by applying some (very nifty) CSS selectors. Naturally I had to try this in APEX.

Theme 25 Responsive Tabs Enhancement: CSS Patch

I wanted a different, more intuitive, yet still responsive implementation of the Theme 25 tabs, which is easy to implement in any application using the theme, even afterwards. The solution I came up with is, what I call, a CSS patch.